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HID Data Reports for X-keys


HID Data Reports are USB messages used to communicate with X-keys

  • X-keys sends and receives reports on the HID Consumer Page
  • Both input (X-keys to OS) and output (OS to X-keys)
  • See our SDKs for specific code samples


Download the .zip package here: non-PC.zip (1.45MB)Last updated 5/1/17.

The USB HID class has defined a complete hierarchy that allows devices to send data based on descriptors to several locations. (keyboard, mouse, joystick, etc.). While standard devices send their data to locations where the OS intercepts and sends it out to the active application, a device can be configured to send data that is not fully recognized by the OS but still managed and stored by the native USB HID drivers.

Most operating systems provide a good location for this type of data in the HID Consumer Page. While keyboard, mouse, and joystick locations have dedicated data types and formats, the HID Consumer Page allows for a flexible, vendor defined data format. X-keys SPLAT Messages go to the HID driver on the consumer page.

All of our X-keys USB devices send data reports to the operating system (Input Report) and have a path for receiving data from the operating system (Output Report). This compressed file contains detailed information regarding the structure of both reports to help developers understand and utilize our hardware on any operating system.


In case you missed the link above. Download the .zip package here: non-PC.zip (750 KB)Last updated 8/9/13.