XK-12 Jog and Shuttle

Introduction/product description:

The XK-12 (Part # XK-0982-UAG12-R) is a user programmable computer input device. It is a complete keypad with an enclosure suitable for handheld or desktop use. The XK-12 Jog and Shuttle features a jog wheel and shuttle knob that can use either analog or digital output. It uses USB Human Interface Device (HID) to communicate with the host computer. It can emulate a keyboard, mouse, joystick, and communicate with MW3.1 software. There is blue and red backlighting with individual software control. The standard keycaps are designed for custom labels, and special sizes or other types may be fitted to the Cherry MX compatible key stems.


  • 12 buttons, arranged in 3*4 matrix, plus a program/utility switch on back
  • Jog wheel with 10 detents
  • Shuttle wheel with 15 programmable positions
  • Blue and red backlights on each key with individual control
  • Green and red indicator LEDs
  • π3 firmware, which features keyboard, mouse and joystick hardware endpoints
  • Full MacroWorks 3.1 and ControllerMate support, in addition to internal memory for hardware resident macros
  • Complete SDK, for both Windows and Linux
  • Accessories such as wide keys, tall keys, and keyblockers available
  • Detachable angle feet, allowing for portrait or landscape operation
  • Phantom key protection

Indicator LEDs

Green and red indicator LEDs

The green LED will be on by default when the device is powered. When using the alternate red device layer, the red LED will turn on to create a visual reference for the current layer. Both LEDs are also capable of flashing. The LEDs can be manipulated in either software or hardware mode.

Program Switch:

Program switch

The program switch is located on the top of the XK-12 Jog and Shuttle. The program switch will display the MacroWorks 3.1 GUI by default. When unrestricted, the program switch can be used like any other key on the XK-12 Jog and Shuttle, effectively making it a 13 button device.

Labeling a Key:

Carefully pry the lens off

Labels may be inserted under the clear lens, which can be removed by prying with a fingernail or other thin object. Additionally, custom keycaps and lens are available. Please visit our website for more information on labels.

Removing a Key:

Safest removal is accomplished with a key puller

To remove a key, use a key puller or gently pry the keycap off the plunger. If the stem comes out, insert it by lining up the stem base with the housing and press firmly. The keycaps may be rotated in 90 degree increments and inserted back into the stems if you desire.

Large Keys:

Assorted keycaps, shown with blue LED backlighting

Tall and wide keycaps are available to create a custom look for your XK-12 Jog and Shuttle. We also offer colored and replacement single keycaps. The image above shows the various keycaps with blue backlighting turned on. The following keycaps and many others can be purchased on our website.

  • XK-A-502-R – Tall
  • XK-A-501-R – Wide
  • XK-A-303-R – Key Puller

Key Blockers:

XK-12 Jog and Shuttle key blockers

  • XK-A-556-R – set of 10 blockers

Key blockers can be installed by first removing the keycap (and stem, if you desire), and pushing the blocker into place. Blocked keys can be indicated in MacroWorks 3 by restricting programming to that particular key.

Angle Feet:

Angle feet prop the device up, making it more ergonomic. The feet may be removed by gently pulling with fingers. The feet can be used to orient the device either a landscape or portrait style.

  • Replacement Part # 0544

LED Backlights:

The XK-12 comes with 24 individually programmable backlight LEDs, one blue and one red for each button. When you first power the device, the blue LEDs will all turn on. When using the red layer, the red LEDs will all turn on by default in our MacroWorks 3 script. The LED state can be switched on or off for each individual key, as well as the intensity. LEDs can also be programmed to flash. Backlights continue to light even when key blockers are in place, although the light is almost completely obstructed from view. Custom scripting tutorials to manipulate the backlighting are available on our website.

Jog Wheel:

Rotatable jog wheel

The jog wheel is the inner dial pictured above. It can be turned a full 360 degrees clockwise, or counterclockwise. The wheel has 10 gentle friction points that prevent it from spinning freely. A small finger depression is located on top of the wheel to prevent fingers from slipping off during use. The jog wheel is capable of analog or digital output. The default operation of the jog wheel sends left or right arrow keys, when turned counterclockwise or clockwise, respectively. The functions activated by the wheel's rotation can be changed within the MacroWorks 3 software.

Shuttle Knob

Rotatable shuttle knob

The shuttle knob can be rotated roughly 30 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise, and automatically returns to the a neutral position when released. The knob has 15 recognized events along this range of motion: seven for each direction, and one for neutral. All of these events can be programmed within MacroWorks 3.1. The default operation is to send left and right arrow keys at a set rate when the knob is turned counterclockwise or clockwise, increasing in rate as the knob is turned further.

Key Matrix:

Numbered XK-12 Jog and Shuttle

Keys are numbered sequentially starting with key 1 in the upper left corner of your device. The keys count up as you move down each column. On Mac OS X the keys are laid out ascending left to right by row, instead of column. Each individual blue or red LED has a five digit ID similar to the button numbers. See advanced help for more information on custom programming the backlighting LEDs.

Phantom Key Protection:

Diodes are in place at each key, to prevent phantom keys when multiple keys are pressed. Unlike a normal computer keyboard, this unique design prevents keys from being ignored during multiple key press scenarios. This also allows key blockers and double or quad keys to be used without interfering with normal operation.

Non-volatile Memory:

The XK-12 has a non-volatile memory to allow the unit to record keyboard and other hardware messages. If programmed, these message are retained with the individual unit. The messages are permanent until the unit is reprogrammed. This allows the programmed unit to be used on any USB compatible system without extra software. Keyboard, mouse, and joystick (game controller) messages can be stored and replayed from this memory.

A total of approximately 1200 keystrokes can be recorded on a single unit. These can be distributed over the 12 keys, jog functions, and shuttle functions in any fashion. Mouse and joystick commands also use this memory and will reduce the total number of keystrokes available in memory. Additionally, other variables are stored in the unit memory, such as: Product ID, Endpoint settings, Unit ID, and start up backlighting state.

Unit ID:

Each device has a Unit ID to help identify an individual unit and prevent conflicts if 2 or more of the same devices are attached to computer. From the factory the UID is set to 0. The unit ID is incremented by the programming software to prevent conflicts and uniquely identify the associated macros. The maximum UID is 255, and is stored in the non-volatile device memory.

Endpoints and PIDs:

This device has 4 USB HID endpoints to allow the device to emulate standard USB HID devices. The Product ID (PID) may be changed to use different combinations.

  • PID 1062 endpoints: Keyboard, Mouse, PI Consumer Input, Output
  • PID 1063 endpoints: Keyboard, Joystick, Mouse, Output
  • PID 1064 endpoints: Keyboard, Joystick, PI Consumer Input, Output

Keyboard – Sends keyboard scancodes
Mouse – Mouse clicks, buttons, movements
Joystick – Game buttons 1-32, POV hat, x,y,z axis movement
PI Consumer Input – Sends consumer page messages to custom software
Output – Output to device, required endpoint for programming and controlling LEDs


The SDK (software development kit) contains data and sample programs to demonstrate how to write a complete custom application interface. There are samples that can view the full HID USB device consumer input reports, enabling you to manipulate the input with your own custom application. All aspects of the XK-12 Jog and Shuttle hardware can be tested with the sample programs. SDKs are available for Windows and Linux OS. Please visit our website for more information on SDKs.

Mounting Kits:

Mounting kits are available for several X-Keys devices. Visit our website for details.

Cable Length:

The standard USB limit on cable length is 5 meters, about 16 feet.

To achieve lengths much greater than 5 meters a USB Extender can be used. The X-keys® Extender uses standard Category 5 cable to extend the connection between any X-keys USB device and the USB port on the computer. A standard CAT 5 cable cut to any length up to 150 feet (45.7 m) and wired with standard RJ45 network connectors is required.


Operating System
Use: Any OS via USB HID | Programming: Windows XP through 10, Mac OS X 10.4 through 10.10
Free Programming Software
Windows: MacroWorks 3.1
Mac: ControllerMate for X-keys
Free Software Development Kits
Windows (C++, C#, VB.NET)
Linux (C++)
Android (Java)
Raw HID (any language/OS)
Emulation Modes
HID keyboard, HID mouse, HID game controller
Jog Control
10 detent, independent clockwise and counter clockwise commands
Shuttle Control
Independent macros for left and right with increasing repeat rate moving away from center (spring return to rest). Other commands available through scripting.
Switch Types
Full-travel rubber dome, carbon on gold contacts, guaranteed for over 1 million operations
Number of Keys
12 single keys + 1 programming button
Actuation Force
Approx. 2.5 oz (72g) break-over, approx. 1.5 oz (42g) hold
0.625” (16mm) sq.; relegendable with Cherry MX compatible stem
Key Spacing
0.75" O.C.
Optional Keys
2X1, 1X2, 2X2, abd 1X1 blocker
1 blue and 1 red addressable LED under each key
Wired USB 2.0 standard “A” plug
Cord Length
56” (1.42 m)
5.8” x 3.8” x 0.94” (147mm x 97mm x 24mm)
10 oz. (285 g)
USB type
USB 1.1 compatible through 3.0
Power Source
USB port, nominal voltage = 5 VDC
Current Draw
NO backlight: 18 mA , Blue backlight full: 38 mA, Red backlight full: 57 mA, All backlights: 75 mA
Temperature Range
-20 to 60 C
Memory Capacity
Approximately 1,000 keystrokes or commands in onboard memory
Memory Type
EEPROM, non volatile memory (X-keys retains memory for over 200 years)
Environmental Rating
IP 40, typical indoor office environment
FCC class B, CE, RoHS, WEEE compliant

Specifications are subject to change without notice.